Ostrich feathers are simply one of the most amazing natural materials and the initial inspiration for why our company was created.

Ostrich feathers can withstand being scrunched up, getting wet and still function as the world’s best keyring and/or duster, due to the renowned softness, durability and anti-static capabilities. However as Fluffi’s are made from natural materials, they do need a certain amount of care to maintain their longevity.

Zipper alert

Through experience the biggest threat to your Fluffi keyring is often the common Zipper. Although the feathers can withstand being scrunched up many times over, they don’t do too well with constantly being nibbled on by pocket/handbag zippers. Sometimes over zealous cats can also decide to take your Fluffi to task, so please be careful…

    Freshing your Fluffi

    Ostrich feathers may have a slight lingering odor after being stored for a period of time. Simply place them in fresh air, with a bit of a breeze and direct sunlight and waa la, they will be smelling just wonderfully in no time at all…

    Also the odd little shake to remove any stubborn dust, will also keep them perked up and looking well fluffed on a daily basis.

      Washing your Fluffi

      Generally you shouldn’t need to wash your Fluffi keyring regularly, but if your Fluffi has come into contact with oil or grease (or after prolonged use) then please use lukewarm water. With a small amount of baby shampoo or gentle dish detergent, mildly massage the feathers in the direction of the plumage. Ostrich feather dyes are water based, so please be careful to not mix colours in the same water or let drying feathers touch. Once rinsing off the soap, dry the feathers.

        Drying your Fluffi

        Hang the feathers from a clothesline or shower curtain rod overnight and simply rub the feathers when dry or use a hairdryer (at a low setting) to speed up the process.


        If you feel your fluffi is losing it’s fluffiness, then you can either steam them lightly to help the feathers return to their former extravagant beauty or gently rub the feathers between your fingers to bring out the fluff again.

        Vat hom Fluffi…

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