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Our commitment to make our products local & lekker is the heart of what we are about.


We support a number local communities, mostly in the Karoo centralised area of the Western Cape, involved in the production of our products.

We have always prided ourselves on our fair trade principles around all the people involved in the products we make and the people we deal with.

There is a surprisingly large amount of cogs in the process that goes into making what seems a fairly simple product. From our dealings with local farmers, feather collection and sorting, the colour process, binding & bonding, manufacturing handcast metal discs, admin and packaging, every step of the way is a very human experience.

The biggest thanks goes out to all the people that have supported the growth of our small business and kept up the encouragement along the way. Each and every purchase does make a direct difference to our lives and the bigger circle of people we come into contact with whilst on our travels. So let’s keep the love and the good vibes flowing and inspire hope to continue adding colour to people’s lives…

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