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In the sorting process we hand select the highest quality feathers for our products, as it is not only about the design and quality, but the crucial look and feel of our keyrings and other products we make.

Ostrich (Struthio camelus) farming started during the 1860s in the arid regions of the Karoo and Eastern Cape in South Africa. These hardy indigenous birds are well-adapted to the dry and open inland areas of these regions and lead very free and natural lives.

Farming practices are strictly regulated, ensuring humane ethical treatment of the birds.

All our Fluffi products are made using Ostrich feathers from these small local eco friendly farms, where ostrich feather trimming is standard practise.

We don’t import any of the materials we use, be it leather, metals or feathers, but go the extra mile to make sure everything is sourced locally, thus keeping our carbon footprint as sustainable as possible.

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