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Fluffi is a proudly South African brand, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Having started producing ostrich feather keyrings under the Design Africa brand whaay back in 2005, with the focus of selling SA handmade designs on markets and tradeshows to clients in Europe.

Our saying “Vat hom Fluffi” is a local Afrikaans term that refers to the idea of “Grab onto life and making the most out of it”, which we think is a pretty cool motto and one we like to embrace :)))


The brand of Fluffi was established in 2016, with the aim to expand our local client base in South Africa and continue to support local communities, involved in the manufacture of our  products & designs.

Us folks at Fluffi aim to continue making top quality designed products, as long as they maintain their sense fun & functionality.

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Fluffi is bigger than just the fella who set it up. It’s about the community we support, the people who help us to along every step of the way to get our products made, but first and foremost it’s you… The people that love to buy our products and support us, so a big BIG shoutout and thankxx to youuu…


Another hugely important step is to keep our products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, from working together with local farmers, to sourcing trimmed ostrich feathers and by-passing the need to import often cheap, but non-regulated materials from other countries.

Fluffi CARE

We want you to enjoy our products and have as much fun as we do in making and marketing them, so to keep these anti-static wonders of nature looking soo darn good, we have put together a small care package on how to keep your Fluffing game on trend.

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Thank for your support and we wish you lots of fluffing fun with our products.

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